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"Instead of trying to hold people accountable, why not build accountable people?

We ignite the human spirit. We guide people to deeper understanding of their own power to deal effectively with change, challenges, and adversity."
Dr Dennis Deaton


Dennis’ Seminars are Powerful

  • Dennis is “dynamic, energizing”
  • He is “sharp, witty and engaging”
  • “He cured two of my worst ‘complain-aholics’”
  • “A 4-hour ‘Aha’ moment
  • “Even the grouchy people liked it”
32ec019“Dennis Deaton brought The Ownership Spirit to our company and his presentation and content were amazing. He has the ability to reach deep inside you and alter your thinking and alter the thinking of your employees.”

Russ Beckner
VP Charles Schwab

0807163719“I really believe it had a profound effect on our leaders. I have seen an enthusiasm amongst our managers that I can only believe will be contagious with our employees.”

Malinda Feola
Martin Marietta

Kim McWaters.2“In the 1990s and again in 2012 UTI was going through difficult changes.  It would have been easy to play the victim, stir up negativity, and risk putting ourselves right out of business.  But we didn’t, and the reason, quite honestly, was the influence of Dr. Deaton and The Ownership Spirit.”

Kim McWaters
Universal Technical Institute

fred“The principles taught… are timeless and timely. In this time of economic downturn, you can’t afford not to know and practice Dr. Deaton’s principles of ownership.”

R Fred Houston
President and CEO Columbia Ultimate

Leadership and business management experts agree:
Over the last 20 years and across several continents, we’ve met thousands of people working at hundreds of great companies. They’re consistently smart, good at their jobs, and have a desire to make an impact.

But like all of us, they are often thrown off balance by change.

Change by definition is a disruption in the status quo. And, people resist it. Almost automatically. The symptoms of “automatic reactions” are all too familiar.

People in reactive mode:

  • vocalize cynicism to others, lowering morale
  • hide out and hope the initiative will just “blow over”
  • exhibit passive-aggressive behavior that drags down productivity
  • resent the people who lead the change, undermining trust
  • consciously or subconsciously sabotage the initiatives

There is a solution. Reactive behavior need not be automatic.

Typical change in self-reported and manager reported employee attributes before and after Quma trainings.
The solution is to teach Ownership and Accountability. Once people see the direct correlation between their mental processes and the outcomes they experience, they are never the same. They become the solutions to their own problems. They are healthier, happier and far more productive.

Dr. Deaton’s work and research has created an award-winning framework for owning change called The Ownership Spirit®. We help employees see that thinking like an owner rather than a victim is a winning situation for everyone. They are healthier and more productive at work, and the company prospers as employees become more willing to change, accelerate organizational shifts, and promote a sustainable culture of accountability.

Managers report that the employees who go through the Quma training are consistently more committed, resilient, and open to change – and they stay that way.

Our training is available in several formats, depending on your needs:

Ownership thinking changes everything

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