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Quma Learning
Jaw-dropping increases in profits occur when employees are
highly engaged – responsible – accountable – self-motivated.

Quma Overview

Who is Dennis Deaton?
What does Quma Learning teach?
What is the impact?

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Corporate Training

Quma Learning emphasizes skill building with particular emphasis on increasing
personal responsibility & accountability.
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Personal Development

Sharpen your mental skills and maximize your talents. Consider Quma Learning your lifelong ally and partner.
Let us introduce you to your highest and best mindset ever.
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Quma Learning’s training is exceptional. Relevant. Accurate. Powerful.

  • Do you want your team to take on a new initiative—new system—new mindset?
  • Would you like your people to elevate their commitment and increase productivity?
  • Would you like your workforce to catch the vision and run with it?


At Quma Learning it’s about helping people connect their personal growth to company growth— goals—mission—profits.

How high could productivity soar if you quit trying to hold people accountable, and started developing accountable people?

What Quma Learning Clients Are Saying…

  • Dr. Deaton, in my opinion, was the best speaker of the conference. His presentation was targeted to our audience and extremely relevant. He was articulate, entertaining, and had us laughing and crying. He was professional and always respectful to our audience. I highly recommend him.

    Sandra Sellani, VP Marketing
  • “I learned more in one hour listening to Dennis Deaton that I could have in reading ten books.”

    Willian DoanDuPont
  • “Dennis Deaton brought The Ownership Spirit and Destination Thinking for Leaders to our company and his presentation and content were amazing. He has the ability to reach deep   inside his listeners and help them alter their thinking and behaviors.  He leads people to see why doing their best at work pays such big dividends in their own personal growth and character, and that’s why this material has such a deep and lasting impact on the people he works with."

    Russell BecknerVice President, Charles Schwab

Dr. Deaton’s Ownership Spirit takes Top Honors!!

USA Book News named Dennis Deaton’s book…

Ownership Spirit:
The One Grand Key that Changes Everything Else

as the 2009 Top Award Winner in the Business Motivation category!

Is there really One Grand Key that makes all the difference…that gives you the power to take control of your circumstances–any circumstances–and your life?

Yes! There is!

And, there is literally no limit to the number of doors you will open for yourself through the principles, skills, and tools you will gain from this book.

You can turn the Key that …

  • Unlocks the door to success and solutions in any circumstance
  • Makes the dramatic difference between individuals and teams who consistently achieve extraordinary results and those who don’t
  • Allows you to triumph over daunting challenges to attain your goals, no matter what

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