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I love being the bearer of good news.

A long time ago when Quma was in its early years, we had a big facility that had a large conference center with tables and chairs that could seat four hundred people, and at least weekly we would fill it to capacity and I would teach seminars.  Clear back then, I used slides that I would show on a big screen behind me and (get this!) they were actual slides that I would load into a slide projector.  It was cutting edge, let me tell you.

It was a great set-up, but the only problem was that if I was giving a seminar on a Tuesday morning and you wanted to hear that seminar on a Tuesday morning you would have to be in my conference room in Mesa, Arizona on a Tuesday morning.

Lucky for you, time and technology are on your side.

Next week I will be hosting our first Quma webinar, in which on a Tuesday morning you can be anywhere in the world next to a computer with an internet connection and be able to hear and see the seminar, just as if you were here or I was there.

Even better, it’s free.  Just follow this link to register and presto! chang0! alakazam! there I will be, online, live and in-person, teaching without a slide projector.  You can even come in your pajamas.  (Though I’ll definitely be wearing clothes.)  This will be the first in a series of three free webinars I will be teaching to generate interest and excitement about an upcoming seminar about Employee Engagement that I will be teaching at the Phoenix Convention Center in February.

The date for this first webinar is Tuesday, December 14th at 1 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.  In this 30-minute online presentation I will be focusing on exposing The Seven Myths of Employee Engagement.  After you register, you will be given instructions and a link to log-on to see the webinar.  True employee engagement occurs internally for each inidividual.  In this webinar, I will help you understand the crucial distinction between holding people accountable and developing accountable people.   I am certain that the principles and concepts I share will improve the functionality of your teams, increase communication and understanding, and trigger growth and progress while instilling a deeper sense of teamwork and personal fulfillment.

I am excited about our new foray into using the web as a powerful education tool and teaching these webinars as a means to helping more of your reach your personal and professional goals.  Register today!

I’m interested in your thoughts.

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  • Janice Foster

    Is this still available if we want to participate

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