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Kim McWaters, Pres & CEO, Universal Technical Institute
  • Dr. Deaton, in my opinion, was the best speaker of the conference. His presentation was targeted to our audience and extremely relevant. He was articulate, entertaining, and had us laughing and crying. He was professional and always respectful to our audience. I highly recommend him.

    Sandra Sellani, VP Marketing
  • Again, let me applaud the outstanding seminar you provided our people this past Monday. In retrospect, I can remember very few seminars where the speaker received a standing ovation at the end.

    Carl B. Munro, Director Quality ManagementDuPont
  • Dr. Deaton was every bit the dynamic speaker that you promised he would be. I found him to be very insightful and motivating, as well as entertaining.

    Brent Carr, Regional Operations ManagerColgate-Palmolive Company
  • Dr. Deaton, Over the past years, you have made a significant impact on the culture here at The Boeing Company. I especially like your delivery of The Ownership Spirit. This simple yet powerful concept, impacting mental toughness, producing results, and being the solution creates a shared vision within our Boeing site. Thank you for contributing to a Boeing workforce that embraces change, accepts challenges, and strives to improve themselves on every level.

    Albert L. Winn, Vice President - Apache ProgramsThe Boeing Company
  • We appreciate that you took the time to tailor your presentation to meet the specific needs of Taco Bell. You definitely have a gift for communicating vitally important and useful information in a humorous, fun, and uplifting way. Motivating people to action is never easy, and we want to you to know that you have succeeded in helping us improve both our outlook and performance.

    Dave Akers, Director of OperationsTaco Bell
  • What can I say about Dennis Deaton? He is phenomenal! His program was excellent. I just wish we had the time for the full presentation. EVERYONE could and would benefit from his message about being an owner and not a victim. As things evolve and grow, we must all take ownership in our actions and the world around us to help others and ourselves. His personal story of triumph was VERY POWERFUL and gives you perspective. It also makes you realize that he loves what he does and he lives his message.

    Will Wilson, Insurance Agent
  • Your presentation for Sperry Van Ness’ 2005 National Conference was awesome. Before choosing you, we screened more than 50 speakers. We weren’t just looking for an entertaining, motivational speaker. We wanted a spokesman that was going to leave a long-term, positive impact on our 500 commercial real estate brokers. You delivered it all. Your speech will make a difference. It will change the way my team thinks and will challenge them to take responsibility for the outcome of their life. Thank you again, Dennis, for helping to make our conference a success.

    David Frosh, PresidentSperry Van Ness
  • I really enjoyed the conference and wanted you to know the last presenter, Dennis Deaton, was probably the best I have ever seen. I truly believe that I was meant to be there on that specific week just to hear him speak—it meant that much to me.

    Nate Crichton, Insurance Agent
  • Dennis, I thought you would like to see that you have placed three Quma classes in our top five preferred classes at Apollo Corporate University. We appreciate our association.

    Scott E. Sandberg, Learning Officer, Center for LeadershipApollo Corporate University
  • Over the past several years, Quma Learning has made a significant impact on the culture here at Boeing, particularly The Ownership Spirit.  The simple yet powerful concepts—holding oneself accountable, finding solutions instead of scapegoats, and improving mental toughness—have strengthened individuals and teams at our Boeing site, and have contributed to a strong workforce that accepts challenges, overcomes obstacles and adapts more readily to change.”

    Albert L. WinnVice President Apache Programs, Boeing
  • “ON Semiconductor has transformed itself from a product-focused company to a customer-driven organization. Quma’s Ownership Spirit training, delivered to over 10,000 of our employees worldwide, provided the foundation for driving this significant change in mindset. As a result, ON Semi has received more than 20 industry awards for customer service since the training took place.”

    Steve HansenPresident & CEO, ON Semiconductor
  • “I have seen the impact of Dr. Deaton’s training in two organizations—at Motorola and now at TriQuint Semiconductor. This material enables people to be more productive, accountable, and resourceful.  It helps them think better and take more responsibility for their actions, reactions, and responses to change and obstacles.”

    Ralph QuinseyPresident & CEO, TriQuint Semiconductor
  • “Dennis Deaton brought The Ownership Spirit and Destination Thinking for Leaders to our company and his presentation and content were amazing. He has the ability to reach deep   inside his listeners and help them alter their thinking and behaviors.  He leads people to see why doing their best at work pays..."

    Russell BecknerVice President, Charles Schwab
  • “I learned more in one hour listening to Dennis Deaton that I could have in reading ten books.”

    Willian DoanDuPont
  • “On a spring day, nearly a decade ago, Dennis Deaton changed my life.  He showed me how to turn my dreams into reality.  And, he can help you do the same.”

    Kimberly J. McWatersPresident and CEO, UTI
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