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Conference Workshops

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Quma’s messages, including The Ownership Spirit® and Destination Thinking for Leaders®, can add a powerful punch to your conference workshop offerings.

Readily adaptable to the time frame you need —

  • One-hour
  • Two-hour
  • Half-day
  • Full-day

Our talented team of presenters, including Dr. Dennis Deaton himself, can craft a skill-imparting message that will instruct as well as inspire your audiences.

We can also offer multiple conference workshops or break-out sessions that run concurrently, side-by-side, offering a variety of topics, allowing attendees to choose which sessions they prefer to attend.

Our break-out or workshop sessions are designed to go into more depth, offering more tools and how-to’s to apply not only what they get in the break-out but also what they heard during the keynote.

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