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Quma Curriculum Design leverages the most important subject matter expert on earth, you as the business owner. No one knows your business challenges better that you do. The Quma Curriculum Design process begins with a series of questions to assess the real performance gap, the difference between the current results and where you want them to be.
The organization of complex challenges into a clear statement of desired outcome is the first step to addressing any performance issue.

From there, effective training develops by collaboration of talent, using the following instructional design system:

  • Create a succinct “Performance Gap Statement” that expresses a detailed description of what is not happening
  • Consider all delivery options
  • Discuss internal and external subject matter experts
  • Conduct a beta-test version of the developed course
  • Review level 1 to level 4 evaluations to measure return on training investment
This consultation is free and produces enough perspective to allow Quma to devise a proposal that is specific and focused on your training needs, and not a general plan that “almost” delivers the desired result.

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