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Do Quma’s instructors, authors, and seminar leaders deliver keynote speeches, workshops, and break-out sessions? – Yes!

Our speakers are world-class.

  • Intelligent
  • Funny
  • Relevant
  • Thought-provoking

They motivate, inspire, and enlighten audiences worldwide. And, most of all, they teach.

Entertaining? Yes, to be sure.

But our keynoters and break-out leaders will make sure your audiences get much more than deep belly-laughs.

They’ll impart messages based on extensive corporate and personal experience, and couple them with the scientific, research-grounded insights that form the foundation of Quma’s world-respected human development curriculum.

Not only are the messages woven with humor, mind-riveting and soul-stirring personal experiences, stories and enlightening illustrations, they also give audience substance—principles and practices that help people live happier, more productive lives.

At Quma Learning… we ignite the human spirit!!!

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