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There is no more powerful engine driving an organization toward unparalleled performance, unified effort, and collaborative success than a widely-shared, sensory-rich vision of an ideal future state linked to a meaningful higher purpose. –Burt Nanus, Visionary Leadership
Unfortunately, “vision” has become an empty buzzword—diluted—almost indistinguishable from mission statement.

Truly effective leadership teams go beyond a vision statement.

They have Vision!

They see in their minds’ eye a vivid mental movie of a desired future state—a vision so sensory-rich that it ignites and unifies their collective talents and energies into a truly synergistic whole.

When you and your leadership team recognize the need to push back from the trees and ask yourselves the big forest questions:

  • “Where are we going next?”
  • “Why do we want to be going there?”
  • “What is important to us along the way?”
Let one of the nation’s most able corporate facilitators help you define answers to those questions and crystallize a sensory-rich vision of your next destination.
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