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Quma offers train-the-trainer certification in its primary seminar subjects.

Provided with some of the finest support tools you can find, certifying instructors become thoroughly versed in the rationale of the seminars—the “whys” behind the “what’s”—along with multiple options regarding the “how’s.”

Certification takes two-days during which instructors gain detailed understanding of the educational design of the seminar—the main learning points, the key supporting principles, examples, and illustrations, and the most frequently asked participant questions.

During the program, instructors prepare personalized seminar outlines using the facilitator manual.

They add their own stories and examples—adapting the seminar to personal experience and style, as well as the needs and objectives of the target audience. Instructors hone their teaching skills by delivering short segments of the seminar, receiving individual feedback from Quma coach(s).

Train-the-trainer certification at Quma Learning takes a concise, time-efficient approach, providing instructors with the comprehensive subject knowledge they need to lead effective, successful seminars.

Fee: $2995 per instructor.

Note: Annual company licensing agreement required.  Rights to copy participant guidebooks available.    Call Quma, 480-545-8311 or 800-622-6463, for details.

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