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Creating Connections

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We live in an age of a stunning contradiction: We are the most over-communicated society in the history of the world, yet in many respects we are also the most isolated.
With so many entities vying for our attention, mastering the fine art of Creating Connections has never been more urgent or vital than it is today for one simple reason: People do business with people they know and trust.

Participants learn to:

  • Go beyond the face value of communication to hear the “message within the message”
  • Identify the Inner Broadcast in every human interaction
  • Apply Five Keys of Dedicated Listening
  • Recognize and avoid the primary pitfalls of disconnection and miscommunication
  • Deal effectively with grumps, grouches, and difficult people
  • Communicate effectively in high-stakes conversations
  • Leverage a proven model for building genuine rapport, trust, and connection

What people say:

“A tremendous course. . . found numerous ways to improve my communications and build relationships, on and off the job.”
“An amazing eye-opener for me; and I consider myself a good communicator.”
“I realized during this session how to really build truse with my customers and co-workers.”
“If more people would take this course, it would be a better world.”
“Totally blown away with how much I got out of this seminar.”
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