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Destination Thinking for Leaders®

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Destination Thinking for Leaders®

Next to integrity itself, no leadership quality is more vital than Vision.
Vision is Crucial, Indispensable, Golden, Powerful.

Unfortunately, the term “vision” has become diluted—becoming synonymous with “vision statement” or “mission statement.” Truly effective leaders go beyond presiding over a well-crafted vision statement. They have Vision!

They see in their minds’ eye a picture of an exciting, meaningful future and can describe it so clearly that others can see it too. Their destination vision is so compelling that others want to be a part of it and apply their energies to ensure its fulfillment.

Destination Thinking for Leaders® is versatile and adaptable, easily customized to hit the targets and objects of your program. This course has enlightened and educated the minds of emerging leaders, as a part of a curriculum for new leader training, and has sharpened the thinking of seasoned veterans at company-wide leadership conferences, meetings, and conventions.

Praise for the Course:

  • Develop a greater personal influence as a leader
  • Align and focus a leadership team on the identical destination
  • Avoid mixed messaging that undermines organizational confidence
  • Ignite and sustain employee engagement
  • Promote creative problem-solving up and down the ranks
  • Inspire other members of the team to create their own vision within the vision

Participants learn how a leader can harness the psychological, physiological and creative impact of vivid mental imagery to:

“Destination Thinking has been absolutely invaluable in helping Client Phone Services forge a united vision for our entire group. Despite the fact that we are in the midst of many changes, and have added new functions to our group, Dr. Deaton’s training has been instrumental in helping us rally around creating memorable service experiences for Schwab clients and getting our people on board and energized with our client service vision.”

Trish Cox, Senior Vice President, Charles Schwab

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