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Sustaining Peak Performance

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Sustaining Peak Performance

Energy. No matter how brilliant our plans or polished our skills, we won’t achieve our visions of the good life without energy. This seminar imparts principles and methods for sustaining continuous peak performance.
Personal accomplishment soars when we are fully alert, resilient, creative, and energetic throughout the day.

Conversely, most of the drains on our effectiveness—errors, pessimism, illness, burn-out, and mental lethargy—stem from fatigue and low mental/emotional reserves.

This course addresses the some of the most relevant issues facing people today—how to sustain consistent levels of mental and physical stamina, how to replenish reserves on a daily basis, how to lose weight and stay fit, how to fortify the immune system and have energy left over—energy to burn.

Participants learn:

  • To derive maximum benefit from the primary sources of human energy
  • How mind affects body and body affects mind and optimize that relationship
  • Five nutritional rules that promote health, stamina, and productivity
  • How to implement a time-effective exercise and fitness program that works
  • How to work with (not against) the body’s weight loss principles
  • Ways of eliminating sleep-debt and improve alertness, reaction time, creativity, mood, memory, and analytical thinking through sound sleep strategies
  • How to have more energy at the end of the day and the end of the week

What participants have said:

“Great information presented in a upbeat, entertaining, positive way.”
“Loved it and benefited a lot by what was taught.”
“Never been to a seminar with more useful information; can’t wait to put it all to work.”
“An exceptional learning event.”
“Way more than expected. I learned more than I could have by reading ten books.”
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