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Life by Design

Time is short. Demands are high, and they seem to come at us from all directions.

Yet, amid the pace and pressure, there are those who succeed and carry out their priorities both on and off the job, finding time to balance their lifestyle and rejuvenate themselves.

What have they learned?

They’ve learned the vital art of Life by Design and how to define and execute their primary purposes and top priorities.

If there was ever a course on “getting it all together and getting it done,” this is it.

Participants learn to:

  • Employ tools for defining current purposes and key priorities
  • Learn specific tips for living priority-driven days
  • Understand and dismantle the sources of stress and time pressure
  • Overcome “time barriers” including the myth of “time management”
  • Understand and leverage four fundamental laws of mind management
  • Apply effective life design skills for balance, control, and congruence
  • Learn strategies for avoiding “busyness” traps

What People Say:

Wonderful! Full of wit, wisdom, and practical ‘how to’s!’”
“Never had my life so clearly defined. I left the seminar focused and energized.”
“Expected a trite time management course; instead, I experienced an enlightening, entertaining, insightful, useful session on how to design life. Outstanding.”
“I walked away with over a dozen insights on how to get more done.”
“I wish my whole team had been here. This is a gold mine.”
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