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The Ownership Spirit®

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This seminar imparts specific tools and skills in identifying and redesigning unconstructive patterns of thought, freeing people to be more creative, flexible, resilient and change-able.

As they come to recognize the Owner/ Victim option in any situation, people learn to make better choices and take more responsibility for their actions and reactions.

Overall, The Ownership Spirit® equips and energizes people with the skills they need to deal successfully with the change, challenge, and adversity that modern life presents.

Participants learn to:

  • Alter their destiny by altering their thoughts
  • Recognize blind spots and “viruses” in their personal operating software
  • Shift Victim-thinking into Ownership
  • Rescript ineffective mental habits
  • Use specific tools to build mental toughness
  • Develop skills in dealing with difficult people
  • Demonstrate composure and confidence in the face of adversity and setbacks
  • Foster a team culture of ownership and accountability in the workplace
  • Take more ownership and responsibility for their lives on and off the job

What participants have said:

The most meaningful educational experience of my career.”
“Professional, funny, realistic, intelligent.”
“Positively life altering.”
“I walked out of the seminar a better person.”
“I’ll never think about thinking the same way again.”
“The most exhilarating, positive, and relevant course I’ve ever attended.”
“It dramatically changed how I look at thinking itself, and I discovered several glitches in the software I’ve been running my life on.”
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