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Mental imagery (vision) is the primary organizer and driver of all human action. Using that ability effectively (visioneering) proves to be life’s most exhilarating and rewarding skill.

Everything we do, we do first in our mind.

And every goal we have ever reached was first “seen” as an imagined future reality. Visioneering delves directly into this amazing faculty—the mind’s ability to envision and create the future.

People learn how to use a simple, powerful Model of the Creative Process to set personal records and achieve unprecedented goals.

Participants learn to:

  • Use principles, skills, and tools of mental discipline
  • Create the future rather than react to it
  • Use a four-step Model of the Creative Process to generate breakthrough ideas
  • Focus activity in the subconscious with their personal and professional goals
  • Employ Visioneering to facilitate innovation and problem-solving
  • Use Visioneering to break bad habits and optimize behavior change
  • Realize new levels of achievement Power Goaling

What people say:

“Wow, wow, wow. An amazing course—thoroughly enlightening and empowering. Everyone should experience this course, and as soon as possible!”
“I thought The Ownership Spirit was terrific and it is, but this one topped it.”
“The most exhilarating course on human achievement I have ever seen.”
“Every engineer, artist, and entrepreneur ought to take this seminar.”
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