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Human behavior is the effect: Human thought is the cause. Whatever you do, you do first in your mind. Your mind, the ultimate source of all your actions and reactions, orchestrates every deed, performs every act, authors every word.

We think, and with those thoughts, we create. We create the world we live in. It goes beyond influencing, shaping or guiding. You and I, in very literal terms, determine what we experience and what we enact into the world. We establish our own happiness or misery, abundance or scarcity, bondage or freedom. We harvest in life, only and exactly, what we sow in our minds.

At this very instant, you are abiding the consequences of your own mental choices. You have been where your thoughts have led you, you now stand where your thoughts have brought you, and you will go as high and as far as your thoughts will take you.

All that you do and all that you will ever accomplish is a product of your mind. Once you see—really see—that thought is the sole cause of all your effects, and discover that you have total control over that exclusive causative force, you gain access to the grand key—the source and the solution to the full gamut of human potential.

“The consummate truth of life is that

we alter our destiny by altering our thoughts.

The mind is our most crucial resource, our crowning asset,

our ultimate arena of battle.

If we will master the power of our minds,

we may do or be whatsoever we will.”

When we fully comprehend how precisely everything from our character to our circumstances, corresponds to the thoughts and images we create in our minds, it stands among the most significant and empowering revelations a person can receive.

By mastering the principles of Mind Management, you attain a level of control over yourself and the world outside that at times will astound you.  As you grow in your appreciation for the power you gain by controlling your thoughts, you will wield that power more skillfully and judiciously than ever before. Greater success and deeper satisfaction will be yours as a result.

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