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Key Points of Accountability

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I’m on the road this week teaching,  I want to share with you another Key Point from my new book coming out in just a few short weeks, Ownership Spirit – The One Grand Key That Changes Everything Else.  In the world today there’s a tendency to want to hold other people accountable for their actions.  Our courts are filled with people trying to enforce accountability on others.  But, one of the major messages in the book is about how powerful we can be and how much more we can do with our lives and our careers, if we learn to hold ourselves accountable.  

So, let me share with you  three simple steps to increase your personal accountability:

1.  Enthrone Commitment

The old adage, Let your word be your bond, seems out of synche with today’s “show me a loophole and I’ll drive a truck through it” mentality. Yet, the world is starved for people who can truly be counted on—who honor commitments, large or small. The principle of commitment-keeping is a principle of power. Look at what has happened to the individuals and organizations who have flouted that principle.

2.  Make No Idle Promises

Every promise we make and keep, however small, adds to our personal power and the influence we wield. Conversely, every unkept promise diminishes our influence. The next time you are inclined to say, “Hey, I’ll call you and we’ll go to lunch,” stop and think, “Do I really mean that? Do I really intend to call?”  If that’s not your real intention, don’t dilute your power by making a promise you do not intend to keep.    

3.  Stop Shrugging Off Lapes

If you make a commitment and do not complete it, don’t just dismiss it with some lame excuse about how busy you were. Own up and fess up.  Call the other party, acknowledge your lapse and apologize. If you conscientiously clean up your messes as you go, you will become less inclined to make them in the first place. 

Thanks again for reading and being part of the Quma Qummunity!

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