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Every human accomplishment goes through two creations. There comes first a mental creation, the spawning and development of an idea. That idea becomes a blue print and a directive which the body follows to produce the second creation, the physical or behavioral creation.

People rise or fall, limp or leap, cower or conquer, dependent on the degree of their mind management.  The moment you start thinking differently, the world changes.  A new mental process precipitates a new physical and behavioral outcome.  The effects are often amazingly rapid.  People can make dramatic, stunning changes in short order by simply altering their thoughts.

The truly exciting part of their transformations lies in the astounding discoveries they make regarding their abilities and capacities.  They realize that the potential has been there all along, and so have the opportunities, but their own thoughts have been holding them back.  When they see that it has been only their thoughts which have been holding them back, panoramas of potential open up to them.  Suddenly they see—and seize—the opportunities which have been staring them in the face all along.

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