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Quma self-paced online learning allows employees to experience to emotion of voice and video as they learn the principles the Ownership Spirit curriculum. This 24 module course can be taken over 30 weeks or less depending on the business situation.

Ownership Spirit: The One Grand Key that Changes Everything Else

Is there really One Grand Key that makes all the difference…that gives you the power to take control of your circumstances and you life? Yes! There is! And, there is literally no limit to the number of doors you will open for yourself through the principles, skills, and tools you will gain from this online course.

You can turn the Key that…

  • Unlocks the door to success and solutions in any circumstance
  • Makes the dramatic difference between people who consistently achieve extraordinary results and those who don’t
  • Allows you to triumph over daunting challenges to attain your goals, no matter what.

For over two decades, Dennis Deaton has impacted the lives of thousands of people through his highly acclaimed corporate training course, The Ownership Spirit®. Now, for the modest investment of $149, you can take this course at your own time and pace, and return at your convenience to any of the 24 modules to review and deepen the learning. Course includes a 72-page Participant Workbook and Coaching Guides.

Isn’t it time for another breakthrough in your life?

WARNING! This course contains hazardous material and could cause great improvements in your life, career, financial status, relationships, business, leadership skills and character. It may cause upset to your status quo, do damage to your self-impeding habits, and turn your world upside down. Should not be taken by people who are complacent, set in their ways, and smugly satisfied with themselves… unless they would like to leave all that behind and own…


Individual Learning Course (ILC) Features:
Number of Training Modules 24
Course Type Individual
72 page Participant Workbook & Coaching Guide
Unlimited Access to Online Videos & Content
Free updates to new versions of modules as available
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