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Ownership Spirit Overview

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Taking Charge of Outcomes

Highly engaged employees energized by high personal commitment and accountability—The Ownership Spirit®—produce superior goods and services resulting in higher profits.

To foster ownership and accountability we must begin at the source and teach people how to take responsibility for their mental constructs—thoughts, attitudes, actions and behaviors.

All human improvement depends on improving human thought processes.

The Othello Principle

If some employees don’t seem “to get it” while others do, it is the Othello Principle at work:

The eye sees what the mind looks for.

This segment helps learners to recognize personal patterns of unproductive thought and provides rescripting tools to form powerful new mental habits that help them “see” and achieve higher productivity and success.

Owner / Victim Choice

Aware of it or not, whenever humans encounter adversity, they make an Owner/Victim choice—they see themselves either as victims or as owners.

This segment contrasts the thinking and language patterns of the “Owner” and “Victim” mindsets and gives learners the skills and tools they need to consistently solve problems from an ownership perspective.

Tough Minded Ownership

Why do some people raise up and conquer while others falter? The degree of their mental toughness.

The truth is Tough-Minded Ownership can be taught and it can be learned. This segment imparts 5 Major Characteristics of Tough-Minded Ownership and how to cultivate a corporate culture to overcome even daunting challenges.

Ownership Spirit Online is an interactive, self-paced, e-learning system based on the award–winning book by Dennis R Deaton, Ownership Spirit: The One Grand Key That Changes Everything Else.

Reinforced by supervisor involvement, this system give corporate context to the valuable principles taught in the book, and is designed to impact behavior, and actually produce measurable results against current company goals.


“If behavior has not changed, no learning has taken place.” – Scott E. Sandberg, MSP

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