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ownershipspiritcoverDennis Deaton’s long-awaited book is here!  We are pleased to announce that “Ownership Spirit: The One Grand Key That Changes Everything Else” is hot off the press and we are offering a special discount to our Quma Qummunity.

Click on this link to order the book from the Quma Store and you will receive 25% off the cover price of $16.95 during this promotional period.  Enter the code qummunity to receive your discount.

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  • Cindy Perkins-Wereley

    Dr Deaton,
    I had the pleasure of listening to you share at Oak Hills Career Transition Night a few days ago. Thank you for your honesty and sincere heart. You are truly a man whom our God is using to do great things. You were my burning bush of the day. As I was listening I kept thinking my husband needs to hurry and get here, he is missing some good news. He did arrive but much of your talk I wasted on thinking of all those I know who needed to hear this. I should have just open my ears, heart and mind so your words could speak to me. I did get your book and CD so they can speak to me. Thank you, Cindy

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