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A testimonial to Ownership Spirit from our email inbox:

I was the Class President in high school.  I was always one to succeed at whatever I tried.  Sports, academics, business, whatever….  It didn’t matter.  There was nothing I couldn’t do.

I graduated high school in 1990 and went to undergraduate school at UNC Chapel Hill.  My parents were unable to pay for my college, however, I worked a 40 hour work week, running my own business, and graduated in 4 years.  I excelled on campus, both socially and academically.   Upon graduating college, with a double major in Political Science and History, I found work with the local police department.  I attended the police academy and graduated first in my class.  I worked patrol for less than a year before being promoted to the Vice/Narcotics squad.  I excelled at this, receiving numerous accommodations.

However, it wasn’t enough.  So 7 years later, I left the police department to start my own construction and real estate firm.  I grew it from a single basement office into a booming business.  I was building 20-30 homes at a time and had a staff of more than 10.  I was the talk of the town.

Then, it all started to crumble.   As quick as I attained it, I seemed to lose it all.  The houses stopped moving, the bills kept coming and before I knew it, I was $680,000 in debt.  People turned on me, including my family.

I lost it all; my savings, my house, and then my marriage.  However, I kept my dignity.  I set up a payment plan with my trades and got it all paid back.  It took me 2 years, but I liquidated and worked it out.  But in the end, I had lost everything.  I lost the $300k house, the nice cars, and my wife of 14 years.

I moved into a rental house that my boss owned.  I struggled each week to put gas in my car and feed my kids.  I remember one day paying for gas in change, $.93 cents, just enough to get me home.  I kept majority custody of my kids.  They kept me going.

Then, it seemed I got the break I needed.  A job offer…one that seemed too good to be true;  a sales representative with an unbelievable company.  A job I loved, all the while helping others.  In January, 2009 I was flown to Tucson, Arizona for the Varsity Gold annual sales meeting.  I was recognized for signing up more programs than anyone in the history of the company.  However, the best thing to come from this trip to the desert was the four hour Quma session with Dennis Deaton.  At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect until he first spoke.  His passion spewed throughout our small group.  And I quickly knew that Dennis had figured it out.  I wasn’t quite sure what “it” was.  When the session was over, I shook his hand and thanked him.  I also picked up a copy of The Ownership Spirit.  I started to read it on the flight back to North Carolina.  I understood it completely; however, it just didn’t set in with me initially.

Two weeks after being back, that dream job was shattered by the news that the owners of the company had foolishly made some poor financial decisions and Varsity Gold was headed into bankruptcy.  I remember that Monday night as I sat in my empty house.  My kids were gone.  I sat on my bed after hanging up from that dreaded conference call.  I began to sob.  What now?!?

Then, I turned and saw the book on my bedside table where it had sat since I returned from Arizona.  I picked it up and started to reread it.  Then, suddenly I got it.  It all was clear.  That bankruptcy court, nor my failed marriage, nor my failed business, or anything controlled my destiny.  I DID!!!

“The consummate truth of life is that we alter our destiny by altering our thoughts. “

Starting on that Monday night in the wee hours of the morning, my destiny was altered.  Something I had failed to do during those tough times.  I stood on my bed and start shouting, “IT STOPS TONIGHT!!!  TONIGHT, I TAKE BACK CONTROL!!!  Then, I shouted louder, NO!!!!! NOT ANYMORE!!!!  All the while, sobbing and crying.

I had figured it out, thanks to Dennis Deaton.  I always possessed it.  I did when I was first in my class, or heading a booming business, or being a wonderful father.  I just lost sight out when the times weren’t so great.

But never again; so that Monday night, in the early morning hours, I made the decision to no longer be the victim.  Today, I own and operate my own fundraising business.  I am replenishing my bank accounts, and the level of content within me is back.  I am successful once again and that confidence level is through the roof.

Thank you, Dennis.  Thanks for that One Grand Key that I had all along but lost sight of.

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