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Personal Best

Five Mind-blowing Ideas for Shattering Barriers and Setting New Personal Records

by Dennis R Deaton, Co-founder Quma Learning

A Word from the Presenter:

You are inundated in hype every day—people telling you their product will “totally revolutionize your life.” Truth is, and down deep you know it, no product, app or gimmick can do that—only you can change, improve and create the life you really want.

True success, high achievement and deep inner satisfaction stem from one single source—the thoughts you think. And there is no end to the changes you can make or goals you can achieve by applying the 5 incredibly powerful ideas I have to share with you.

Even if you wind up applying only one of the five mind-blowing ideas I can fearlessly promise you’ll make dramatic improvements and accomplish far more in 2020 than you ever have in the past.

When: Wednesday, February 12, 2020 (9:30 am to 2 pm.)

Where: Salt Lake Board of Realtors
   230 W Towne Ridge Parkway, #200, Sandy, UT 84070

Price: $135 at the door.
Procrastinator’s Reprieve price: $115 by Febuary 7th, 2020

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