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Visioneering Live Seminar Recording

Great achievements come from great states of mind; and great states of mind don’t just happen. They are chosen and cultivated.

That is precisely what Visioneering by Dennis Deaton is all about–the creation of powerful states of mind and reaping the rewards and benefits of unparalleled personal achievements.

You have heard about “The Secret.” In this seminar, Dr. Deaton teaches you exactly how to put the secret to work. You, too, can create the exciting future of your dreams through the powerful principles of Visioneering and the six steps of Power Goaling.

Live seminar recording. Participant guidebook included.

The Book of Mind Management

This book identifies thought as the root cause of every behavior and the source of every achievement. It reveals the results that are possible through mind management and teaches readers how to manage their most crucial resource – their own minds.

The Book On Mind Management – Discussion Guide

A Study Guide for self-study, book review groups, or small group learning sessions.

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