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Money: An Owner’s Manual (hard cover)


Learn a Wealth Plan that puts you in control of your monetary future.

Money: An Owners’s Manual Book

A comprehensive, insight-filled, illuminating guide for those who want to really own money and take control of their monetary lives. This Enhanced and Expanded edition amplifies the impact of its popular predecessor, which enjoyed seven sold-out printings, providing additional insights on the core principles of successful investing. Full of wisdom and humor, this book teaches how to:

  • Apply the mindset of financial high-achievers
  • Avoid the pitfalls that siphon wealth
  • Harness the greatest wealth-building principle of all time
  • Implement an effective debt-elimination strategy that works without having to increase income
  • Employ a time-proven Eight-Step Wealth Plan
  • Select the right investment vehicles to reach your goals
  • Emulate the habits of the world’s most successful investors

If you want to own your money, so it doesn’t own you, this is the book you’ve been looking for.

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