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The Matter of Thought

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Thoughts are real. They are not ethereal figments; they are organized energy. They are concentrated bundles (quanta, if you will) of energy capable of harnessing every other form of energy.

Thoughts are not only powerful, they are, in fact, power.  Literally.

An infinitely comprehensive law of conservation prevails in the universe: Matter cannot be created out of nothing; neither can it be “destroyed.” The same holds true of energy. Energy cannot be annihilated. One reality (matter or energy) can be converted to the other, but neither can be destroyed.  The sum of mass-energy in the universe never changes.

We are only beginning to scratch the surface of our ability to measure thoughts and activity in the mind. Someday we will discover more accurate ways of measuring the mind and will prove that it is the highest manifestation of energy-matter on the spectrum. Through the power of thought, mankind has already harnessed many prodigious forms of energy to an impressive degree. It remains only a matter of time and development until we harness them all. This is nothing more nor less than a case of the lesser becoming subject to the greater.

Thoughts are just as tangible and just as real as the chair you are sitting on as you read this blog.  Yet, thoughts have amazing properties, excelling most energy-matter.

Thoughts are literal forms of energy. And this energy can be focused and directed, and has supremacy over all other forms of energy and matter. Furthermore, your ability to control and wield this power can grow and increase. Your ability to do so is a measurement of and proportionate to your current level of faith and internal strength—or, in other words, your level of mind management.

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