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What have you done today to improve your thoughts?

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Just as physical exercise strengthens the body, so also the mind is made stronger through exercise. Daily mental exertion helps make us more fit for the game of life.  Two things to remember: 1) You are the sole selector of your mental subject matter; the decision to leave or to stay with any given topic is entirely yours.  2) With every thought you choose, you are choosing a corresponding consequence. 

So what have you done to improve your thoughts today?  That thought itself is a worthwhile exercise to work with in your mental gym. When something did not go your way, were you able to use your presence of mind to recognize that you had choices at that instant–the choice to become angry or just take it in stride or do something constructive about it.  

From the Ownership Spirit book, I offer you a couple of thoughts that can serve as exercises to think about and ponder a bit: 

1.  We each have a body; but we are not our bodies. We have emotions, but we are not our emotions. And, we have feelings, but we are not our feelings.

2.  Each of us, at the core, is the thinker of thoughts inside our bodies, and what that thinker of thoughts chooses to think has everything to say about the quality of the life we live.

3. We are the only species that can think about its thinking right in the process of thinking it. 

As you dwell upon these suggested ponder points, you will soon find yourself thinking differently about thinking itself.  That is the Key!

One visit to the gym will not turn you into a mental Olympian, but it is where you start.  Doing something as simple as choosing to respond with patience rather than with irritation has, over time, an incredibly powerful cumulative effect. 

A good friend of mine, David Daughtrey, says, “If you consistently do what anybody can do but don’t, eventually you’ll be able to do what other people wish they could do, but cannot.”  And, that is another thought worth thinking about. 

Only you can set yourself on a course of continuous growth and increased power over your life.

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  • Jary Welker

    Dennis – great reminder. We have learned to drive on by the fast food eateries (most of the time) opting instead to feed our bodies with a more nutritionally balanced diet. When we make those choices we find great strength and stamina in times of stress and physical exertion. Too many of us still do not or cannot see the connection between our ability to act more nimbly intellectually during equally stressful moments and how we nourish our minds. Thanks for being the source of so much of my mental banquet.

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